TurboForma is a unique laser processing system
for the creation of three-dimensional metal products in PROOF quality.
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System possibilities
Jewelry Tool Creating

Make stamps, dies, molds, punches, matrixes using only one TurboForma machine.

The machine is using LaserBarking technology which is specially developed for jewelry industry applications.

No more rejects No more unfulfilled orders

Increased detailing of 3D images

Create a smooth surface relief without any extra treatment. The tool is ready to use right after laser processing.

Get the surface which is impossible to produce by other methods. Only a laser machine with LaserBarking technology can do that!

Now the intricacy of the product is limited only by capabilities of computer modeling!

No human error

Eliminate any human error on your production! Don’t waste your time on repeated manual product tweaking – TurboForma would do everything in a single process.

Save time, effort and resources

We used to do it within a week. Now we do it within a day!

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System benefits

Any laser can do 3D engraving, but only TurboForma is able to provide it with real quality.

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About us

Laser Center is a leading Russian laser machinery manufacturer. Since 2004, we have been producing professional laser machines for various industrial applications. Our engineers were among the first in Russia who implemented IPG-Photonics fiber lasers into the industry.

The jewelry industry today requires new solutions for optimizing production and improving product quality. TurboForma machine with LaserBarking technology was developed for the implementation of these tasks.

CE certificate (Conformite Europeenne) confirms the conformity of the TurboForma Laser-Erosion Treatment System with the requirements imposed on equipment for operation in the European Union.



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